Step-by-Step DIY: Space Buns

Whether you are heading to a festival or a fun day out in the sun, space buns are a cute and easy trend to do yourself. AX Art Co-founder Xoey Vo shows us step-by-step instructions for you to follow at home.

ILHSxAXArt Article April - Space Buns.jpg

Step 1: Curl Hair

Step 2: Tie your hair into two pigtails leaving the bottom half of the hair down.
Tip: You can skip leaving your hair down and tie all your hair into two pigtails for 2 large space buns.

Step 3: Hold the pigtails at the ends of the hair and tease from tip to root and be sure to use product to keep fluffy!

Step 4: Take the pigtails and twist the section, pull the twist apart to loosen the twist.

Step 5:  Twirl pigtails into a bun and pin to secure the look!
Tip: Leave a few pieces out in front of the face for a boho vibe.

Spray and you’re done!