Makeup Do’s and Don’ts all Brides-to-be Should Know

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With wedding season coming up, you probably have your makeup look in mind already. The hair and makeup team of AX Art would like to share some expert tips on wedding makeup do’s and don’ts every bride needs to look out for on her big day. Here are 8 tips worth bookmarking for future reference.

DO Research your Makeup Artist

Not only do you want to find an artist who has the same makeup style as what you have in mind, but its very important to find someone you connect with since you’ll be spending some time with them on one of the most important days of your life.


DO Book a Trial

Even though you trust your makeup artist 100% or have an easy going personality, you should not skip this step. Not only is it nice to see what you will actually look like on the day of, its also a great way to see how well the products sit on your face all day long. Its also a good opportunity to try different things and not do it on the actual wedding day. We all know how stressful weddings can be, and the less set backs the better.


DO Be Truthful and don’t Hesitate to Speak Up

Most people feel vulnerable sitting in the makeup chair, don’t be one of them! You should always speak up if there is something you don’t like or if the makeup is not making you feel like a Kardashian. Remember, it’s makeup and ANYTHING can be changed!


DON’T Skip the Lashes

Though you are an au natural chic, and never wear false lashes, we always recommend adding it on! It will make your eyes stand out and create a natural fluttery look that you just can’t get from your natural lashes. There are tons of lash options out there, communicate with your artist so they can select the perfect option for you. Note: It may feel weird at first, but we promise you will forget anything is on your lid in ten minutes!

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DO Leave Yourself Extra Time

Sure, you may be the most organized person in your group, but always give yourself ample time for any last minute mishaps. Sometimes its not you, but the people around you who might need the extra minutes for touch ups or changes.


DON’T Schedule Facials, Waxing, Threading, and Lash Extensions Last Minute

These cannot be done the night before, let alone the week before! Facials are recommended at least one to three months prior to the wedding day to avoid any last minute break outs. Waxing and threading can turn your skin red or cause mini abrasions that can turn into a rash, try to get these treatments done one week beforehand. Same with lash extensions, give it one week before you get your wedding makeup on so the lash glue has settled in strong and the lash extensions have relaxed a bit.


DO Have Emergency Products on Hand

Besides the tissues for the tears, keep in mind you may need some extra touch up products on hand. Usually a touch up powder, lipstick, blotting paper and lash glue should do justice! Don’t by shy to ask your makeup artist if you aren’t sure. Also, since you aren’t supposed to carry anything except your man’s arm and that beautiful bouquet, ask one of your bridesmaids to put it in their clutch!


DO Dab, DON’T Wipe

We all know how emotional weddings can be, so when the waterworks come, don’t wipe or rub your eyes. waterproof makeup can only withhold so much, so always remember to dab, dab, dab!

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