Cute Hairstyles to Pair with Fall Hats

Goodbye summer bikinis and hello fall layers! It’s that time of year again to pull out all your favourite boots, scarves and hats! With that being said, we have a few ideas on how to pair your fall look with the perfect hairstyle.

These 3 hairstyles are super easy to do and adds a little something new to your fall look. Have fun and happy hair days to you all!!

Texture Tails

Let’s bring back the pigtails, why not! Just split your hair in half and start braiding, both sides. (If desired, leave out some strands in the front to frame your face.) Now start pulling out your braid to get it nice and full giving the look more dimension. This look is super versitile and can be worn with pretty much any hear-gear! Cute right?!

Messy Perfection

This isn’t just any ponytail! Add some curl or waves to the end and tie it up to where your baseball hat’s “snap brim” is (aka: the hole in the back of the cap, we had to search that one up!). Give the pony tail a bit of a tease to make it nice and big! Now the finishing touch is to wrap a small piece of hair around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin! Now put your cap on and gently pull through your messily perfected pony!

hair 2.jpg


Tail Me More

One of our favorite braids is the fishtail braid! This hairstyle can also be paid with any outfit, and can look completely different depending on how you do it. However it probably looks best with hair longer than shoulder length. Start off by pulling your hair all to one side, and take two large sections of hair. Grab a small section from one side and cross it over the other section.  Now repeat with the other side and keep going until you almost get the the ends. We kept our fishtail a little bit on the tighter end and pulled out just a few strands evenly from the base to the ends. Feel free to pull it out so you get a massive braid!


Twist, Wrap and Tie

Drop your top knot down a few notches. Start off with a low pony, and pull the hair around your face or around the neck to give it more of a loose look. Then twist the pony, hold the ends of your hair and lightly pull out the twist to mess it up a bit. Now wrap the hair around the base where the tie is as you would a messy bun, and secure it with an elastic and bobby pins! (Remember, the more you pull the twist out, the bigger the bun will be).


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