Beach Waves Tutorial

The amazing summer weather has officially started in Vancouver and the lower mainland!! Are you ready to hit the beach and get that tan started?…Because WE ARE!! With the beach comes beachy hair-duh! Not all of us are as fortunate to have amazing surfer hair and sometimes have to fake it.

Beach waves are actually one of our most popular hair styles! We’ve heard over and over again from our clients… “I wish I can do that myself!” So we took the initiative to create our very own step-by-step tutorial on how to create these beautiful effortless waves with a quick rundown of tips and tricks.

A few important things to note before you start:

– Make sure your hair is dry, not a little damp, 110% dry! Your style will fall immediately if your hair has any moisture in it.

– If your hair has a natural curl or tends to be frizzy, give yourself a quick blow out with a round brush and blow dryer to smooth the hair. Your hair will slide much better and the extra heat will help tame the frizz.

– Practice with the curling wand OFF! It seems a little silly, but its a good idea to practice how to position yourself without risking a burn.

– Use a thermal heat spray to help protect the hair from heat damage, and brush your hair to help distribute the product.


Tools you’ll need:
– 1” – 1.5” curling wand
– Heat protection spray
– Any of your favourite finishing products( i.e.: smoothing serum, hairspray, texture spray, volumizing/texturizing powder, etc)
– Wide tooth comb or brush
– Sectioning clips’
– (Hair straighter if needed)
– (Blow dryer & round brush if needed)

Alright! Lets get started!!

Step 1:
Section hair in 3 parts ensuring the top is where you normally part your hair. Leave roughly 1” at the bottom.

Hot Tip: If you’re a “hair tosser” part your hair in the middle!

Step 2:
Take a vertical section and wrap the hair around FLAT to the barrel. Make sure not to twist the hair as you go. Leave 1”-2″ out of the barrel to achieve straight ends. Ensure every section gets the same amount of heat applied for an even curl.

Hot tip: Make sure you leave your curls to set by not brushing it out right away. For hair that falls quickly, hairspray each section for maximum hold.

Step 3:
Alternate your curls for a more tousled look. Your end results depend on the thickness of your sections. For a messier lived-in look, use smaller sections. For a kinky wave, use larger sections.

Hot tip: If you have fine hair that doesn’t hold curls too well, create smaller sections to allow the hair to fall.

Step 4:
Finish off the back and continue to the side sections, one row at a time. The curls all should be going away from your face.

Hot tip: If you have little curly fly aways that never cooperate around your face, tame them with a straightening iron (pull away from the face).

Step 5:
Alright Curly Sues’, it’s that moment you’ve all been waiting for… Now that your curls are all uniform and you look like prom circa 1994, you can puuuullllll it all out! The more curl you take out, the harder it is to put back (That’s why its a good idea to start curlier). So go slow and remember that hair falls!

Hot Tip: Use the straightening iron if you want the ends straighter or to smooth out your ends.


Now finish off with your favorite styling products and we will see you at the beach!


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