Aftercare Instructions for PhiBrows Microblading/ Ombré Powder Brows

The aftercare of your recently microbladed brows are crucial to good results. Please be careful and diligent in following these Aftercare instructions. Also, keep in mind the color and thickness of the brows will change in the course of 4 weeks. It will appear darker and thicker after 2-7 days. Scabbing begins on day 4-5. The final brows after healing will be 30-40% less in intensity and 10-15% thinner.

  •  DO NOT Submerge brows underwater for long periods of time for the first 48 hours (No washing hair or long hot showers)

  •  DO NOT work out/ go to the sauna/ or excessive sweating

  • DO NOT apply makeup on the brows for 7-14 days

  • DO NOT scrub/ use any other cleansers/toners/lotions then what your technician


  • DO NOT apply sunscreen or moisturizers on brow area for 7 days

  • DO NOT pick at any scabbing or skin on the eyebrows.

    Day 1


    30 mins after the end of the treatment immediately rinse with lukewarm water and baby shampoo. This will remove all the lymph and previously applied cream. With a q-tip apply a thin layer of Skin Candy only. For ombré powder brows, skip after care lotion until day 4. This procedure should be repeated every hour 5 times a day to prevent the scab formation. Do not wash hair or get eyebrows wet for 48 hours.

    Day 2-7

  • Cleanse morning and night with gentle baby shampoo. Apply thin layer of Skin Candy immediately after cleansing. Never harshly rub the area. For ombré powder brows, skip after care lotion until day 4.

  • Do not let your brows dry out. Keeping the area moistened is important for color retention.

  • First 7 days avoid excessive sweating, saunas, swimming, facials, face creams,

    exfoliants, or harsh chemicals near your brows, prolonged water contact during

    the healing process. Avoid foundation on the forehead or eye area.

  •  5-7 days afterwards the pigment appears very dark. The client often fears they

    will stay that way.

  •  7 days afterwards the brows tend to lose about 40-50% of its intensity. You must

    be patient while the color fades and skin heals properly.

  • Do not try lightening the brows with over scrubbing and washing with products.

    Do not pick at any scabbing or skin on the eyebrows. This may cause major damage and premature loss of pigment.

    Day 8-30

  • Aftercare lotion is no longer needed.

  • Begin using SPF again on day 8.

  • 2-3 weeks after the treatment avoid applying of powder, makeup, cream with active ingredients over the

    eyebrows, bathing in public water, strong exercise with profuse sweating, sauna, solarium, etc.

  • Next 30 days avoid chemical peels, retin-a, aha's, fruit acids, laser treatments on face.

  •  Normal activity can be resumed immediately except above mentioned activities.

  • You may notice skin flaking and that the color has faded over the next few days.

    This is normal and to be expected. The crisp strokes may soften. People with oily skin may notice "blurred" strokes. After 4-6 weeks, the skin is healed becoming translucent thus revealing the pigment below. We can modify and discuss this at your touch-up appointment. If you feel the color is completely gone, please note color may actually come back in time. We can make adjustments at your next appointment.

After care is 70% of the treatment success. If not cared for properly, you may lose 80-100% of hair strokes.

Be patient with the healing process. Never try scrubbing, rubbing or removing the ink with any other chemicals, acids, toners, or cleansers than what is suggested by your technician. Doing so will create unpredictable chemical reactions to the ink resulting in drastic color changes like red and blue.  

Take good care of your brows for the best results!

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